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Instructions for printable invitations:

1. Download your template via our website or open the Microsoft Word Template sent via email.

2. Fill out both sides of the template with your information. Select text with your cursor, highlight and type over it. To best preserve formatting, try filling in information one line at a time. 
3. Make sure printer settings are correct for your printer. This file is landscape orientation and a size of 8.5" x 11"
4. Print on a sheet of plain white paper. (If you get this statement: "The margins of section 1 are set outside the printable area of the page. Do you want to continue?" Click yes.)
(Tip: if you don't know what side of the paper your printer will print, take a sheet of plain white paper and place an “X” on it. This will signify the top side of your paper. Load it into your printer and print the template. Based on where the x is located, this should tell you if you need to load your paper face up or face down.)
5. Evaluate layout. Lay the white paper over the pre-printed template and hold up to a window or light to make sure the layout is what you desire. Check for typos.
6. Test print on the real invitation. Now that you have the the desired invite, load only 1 sheet of the invitations into your printer and print. Make sure everything is to your liking, if it is not, adjust accordingly. 
7. Print invitations. Proceed to printing the remaining sheets. 
8. Fold, tear and mail. 
We have chosen fonts that are compatible with most computers; however, if you change the font, please be aware that it may alter the space and not print correctly. Please be aware if you add extra information or change margins or indents, it may not print correctly. We understand the need for customizing, so we recommend printing on plain white paper in order to preview your layout. You can always re-download the template if needed.
Please note that we have chosen colors for some of the text, but due to variations in printers, we cannot guarantee color accuracy. We recommend printing on white paper first, to help spot any issues. 



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